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Anne of Cleves House

Lewes, England, United Kingdom

About Anne of Cleves House

This historic Tudor house in the English town of Lewes was once the property of Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII. Owned and maintained by the Sussex archaeological society, the house and exhibits within give an excellent insight into Tudor life.

Today Anne of Cleves House has been accurately restored and decorated in the fashion of Tudor England, though some of the oldest parts of the house date back as far as 1400AD and there is plenty of history ready to be explored.

Particular areas to note are those such as the Tudor kitchen, which has been authentically furnished to the very smallest of details, and the gardens, which have not only been laid out in a traditional Tudor fashion, but which also contain a mix of plants and flowers which would have featured in Tudor-era gardens.

The bedroom has also been restored to the way in which it would have appeared during the time that Anne owned the property. Furthermore, within the house there are a number of collections (such as furniture and artefacts), which provide a fascinating perception of Tudor England.

Anne of Cleves House also contains the Museum of Lewes History and the Wealden Iron Gallery, which provide an intriguing insight into local Tudor-era industries.

All in all, this is a must visit for anyone with a keen interest in Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII, or indeed England’s past. Perfect for all the family, or a quiet day out, Anne of Cleves house is bound to keep you entertained.

Contributed by Victoria Haughton