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Bannockburn Battlefield

Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

Bannockburn Battlefield was the site where Scottish leader Robert the Bruce defeated the English, repelling their attempts to control Scotland and once again affirming its sovereignty.

Lily Johnson

12 Mar 2021
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About Bannockburn Battlefield

Bannockburn Battlefield was the site of the English defeat by Scottish leader Robert the Bruce, repelling their attempts to control Scotland and once again affirming its sovereignty. A key clash in the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Battle of Bannockburn’s atmospheric site provides visitors the chance to walk where some of Britain’s most important history took place.

Bannockburn Battlefield history

Robert the Bruce was crowned king of the Scots in 1306, yet was soon forced to flee his throne after suffering several defeats at the hands of the English. He soon returned to Scotland with a vengeance however, waging guerrilla warfare on the English forces.

In 1314, King Edward II of England marched a large army towards Stirling Castle. The stronghold had changed hands several times between the English and the Scots, and at the time was under a vicious siege by the latter. Determined to stop the king’s progress towards Stirling, Robert the Bruce positioned his army a Bannockburn.

The Battle of Bannockburn began on 23 June 1314 and despite having a much smaller army – roughly 5,000 Scots to 18,000 English – Robert the Bruce managed to repel the English by the next day. King Edward fled, whilst many of the English soldiers were killed or taken prisoner.

Stirling Castle was surrendered to the Scots, and Robert the Bruce’s wife, sisters, and daughter were released from their 8-year imprisonment in England. In 1328, the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton was signed, in which England acknowledged Scotland’s sovereignty, with Robert the Bruce as its rightful leader.

Bannockburn Battlefield today

Today, Bannockburn Battlefield is managed by the Scottish National Trust and provides guests with the opportunity to explore the site’s important place in history.

The heritage centre gives information on the battle and its consequences, with the Battle of Bannockburn experience allowing guests to witness a digitally-recreated version, complete with 3D warfare!

The surrounding grounds also provide a pleasant walk in the footsteps of the eminent Scottish king, with the dramatic monument at the spot he raised his royal standard tying the experience together.

Getting to Bannockburn Battlefield

Bannockburn Battlefield is located in Stirling, Scotland, to the west of the A872. The nearest train station is Stirling, 2 miles from the site, while a number of buses run from the city, with the Milton Brae bus stop directly outside.

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