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Barryscourt Castle

Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

About Barryscourt Castle

Built around the 1550s, Barrycourt Castle was the seat of power of the Barrymore branch of the Barry Family in Cork.

It was at a strategic site and was coveted by many, including Sir Walter Raleigh, who when he went to take the castle found it burned down to deny him by the then Lord David Barry. Barry took to the woods joining the Desmond Rebellion and then changed sides and in return gained all his lands and titles back for a small fine. He lived in the Castle then from 1583/4 until his death in 1617.

The castle is restored and had been in some disrepair, but it is looking great and has wonderful grounds outside, including an apple orchard which contained many different varieties of apple which would of been used at the time.

Unfortunately it is only open seasonally.

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