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Broxmouth Park

Broxburn, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Broxmouth Park

Broxmouth Park is home to an historic Georgian mansion and is also the site of the Battle of Dunbar, fought in 1650, where Oliver Cromwell led his troops to victory over a Royalist Scottish army.

After the execution of Charles I in 1649, Scotland declared loyalty to his son, Charles II. The English dispatched an army to Scotland and, after weeks of manoeuvring and futile negotiations, the two sides met at Dunbar. Although initially in the stronger position, the Scottish redeployed their forces allowing Cromwell to take advantage of the tactical situation and engineer a Parliamentarian victory. It was claimed that as many as 3,000 Scots lost their lives, and many more died later as prisoners during forced marches and imprisonment.

Broxmouth Park also is the site where Sir WIlliam Douglas's gravestone lies after he was killed in the battle.

Broxmouth House itself was built for the Duke of Roxburghe in the late 18th century. Queen Victoria visited Broxmouth House in 1878 and planted a cedar tree in the grounds. She also had an iron staircase built at the back of Broxmouth House to look over the grounds, the site of the famous battle and Cromwell's Mount – from where the general directed his victory.