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Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca

Granada, Andalusia, Spain

The Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca is dedicated to the life of Spanish poet, playwright and writer Federico Garcia Lorca. It is housed in the Huerta de San Vicente, the summer house of the Garcia Lorca family.

Amy Irvine

21 Jul 2021
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About Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca

The Casa-Museo Federico García Lorca, located in the Huerta de San Vicente, is a museum in Granada dedicated to the life, writings and cultural activities of Spanish poet, playwright and prose writer Federico García Lorca – one of the most famous Spanish writers of the 20th century.

History of Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca

The Huerta de San Vicente (Orchard of Saint Vincent) was the summer house of García Lorca’s family between 1926-1936, located in the expansive palm tree-filled Parque Federico García Lorca – a public park in Granada constructed in the 1990s in his memory.

García Lorca saw the house as a refuge and a tranquil and creative environment. In 1933, he wrote: “Later we spend all the summer together/ well I have to work a lot and it is there/ in my Huerta de San Vicente/ where I write my most tranquil theatre.” Indeed Lorca wrote some of his most important works, such as ‘Bodas de Sangre’ (Blood Wedding), ‘Yerma’ or ‘Así que pasen cinco años’ (When Five Years Pass), in the house.

García Lorca lived in the house during the days leading up to his detention and assassination by the supporters of the military rebels on 19 August 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War – targeted by his killers due to his sympathy for the Popular Front government elected in February 1936, his profound commitment to the progressive cultural, social and political project of the Second Republic (1931-1936), and for his open homosexuality.

The García Lorca family left Spain for America in 1941 due to Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, yet still owned the estate.

Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca today

On 6 April 1985, Isabel García Lorca gave the estate to the city of Granada to establish a museum dedicated to Federico. Visitors can look round the house and museum – filled with original furnishings and paintings, as well as an exhibition of his writings and letters. Tickets cost €1,80.

Getting to Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca

The museum is located at the southeast end of Granada, within the Federico García Lorca Park, between the ring-road and Arabial street. The Park is a 10 minute walk from the city centre, but can also be reached by car, taking the ring-road exit marked ‘Centro/Recogidas‘. Bus lines C5, SN2, SN3, SN5, U3, 111 and 121 stop nearby.

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