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Chester Roman Gardens

Chester, England, United Kingdom

The Chester Roman Gardens are a scenic park complex containing a number of Roman artefacts from the nearby area.

Lily Johnson

06 Apr 2021
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About Chester Roman Gardens

Chester Roman Gardens are a small garden and park complex close to Chester Roman Amphitheatre which contains a number of Roman finds and artefacts gathered from various sites in Roman Chester.

Chester Roman Gardens history

Chester’s Roman past is one of Britain’s most famous, with the ancient fortress of Deva once positioned there. Deva was first built in around 70 AD by the Romans as they advanced north against the native Brigante tribe, and was rebuilt twice over the following two centuries.

When the Romans left Britain Deva was abandoned in the late 4th or early 5th century, however the civilian settlement that had grown around the fort remained, eventually becoming the city of Chester.

Originally built in 1949 by Charles Greenwood and Graham Webster, Chester Roman Gardens were designed to showcase a number of artefacts from the city’s Roman past in an open public setting. Most of the artefacts derive from the city’s 19th century excavations, with items from Deva’s most important buildings, such as its baths and legionary headquarters, now on display.

In 2000, the Gardens underwent a redesign programme, with information boards added and access to the river provided, further enriching visitor experience at the site.

Chester Roman Gardens today

Today, Chester Roman Gardens provide a scenic spot to browse the Roman ruins and relax amongst the city’s busy streets.

The Gardens contain a range of remains from local Roman sites, with highlights including columns from the Roman gymnasium and carved fascias from the Deva Victrix Roman fortress.

Also contained in the Chester Roman Gardens is a reconstructed hypocaust – the underground heating system used by the ancient Romans – and a reconstructed mosaic found in the city’s main bath house. A number of signs dotted around the gardens give useful explanations to visitors, while the nearby Chester Roman Amphitheatre is also worth a visit – it is the largest of its kind in Britain!

Getting to Chester Roman Gardens

Chester Roman Gardens are located on Pepper Street in Chester’s city centre. From the A540, A5116, A56, A51 or A41, follow the signs into Chester City Centre and onto the ring road, then follow the signs towards Wrexham (A483). The Roman Gardens are located off the inner ring road, next to the Roman Amphitheatre. The nearest car park is on Pepper Street, while a number of bus services run to the Pepper Street stop, a 1-minute walk to the site. Chester train station is also 15-minute walk away.

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