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Daniel Boone Homestead

Browns Mill, Pennsylvania, United States

About Daniel Boone Homestead

The Daniel Boone Homestead is the birthplace of famous American pioneer Daniel Boone.

A legendary frontiersman, Boone was one of the most famous explorers of his lifetime and achieved iconic status within US folklore.

Located near Reading, Pennsylvania, the Daniel Boone Homestead contains a number of historic buildings including the restored main house and an eighteenth century blacksmith's shop. Exhibitions on display at the Daniel Boone Homestead tell the story of Boone's youth and of the lives of the settlers who lived in the area at the time. Displays focus on the lives of the families who lived at the Homestead, the Boones, the Maugridges and the DeTurks.

Additionally, the Daniel Boone Homestead hosts a number of historic programs and has almost 600 acres of historic grounds.