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Din Lligwy Hut Group

Rhos Lligwy, Wales, United Kingdom

Din Lligwy is the site of a prehistoric settlement in Anglesey in Wales, whose ruins today provide an atmospheric look into ancient Britain.

Lily Johnson

14 Apr 2021
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About Din Lligwy Hut Group

Din Lligwy is an ancient village on Anglesey’s east coast in Wales, whose atmospheric remains provide a rare glimpse into prehistoric Britain.

Din Lligwy Hut Group history

Din Lligwy is thought to date back to the Iron Age, when it was likely a small farming community. With a reliable source of fresh water nearby and its position on a low hill overlooking Anglesey, Din Lligwy was well-positioned to support a community of settlers and it is thought to have been occupied for a substantial amount of time.

The site was comprised of a small settlement of stone huts enclosed by a 5ft-thick stone wall, with round structures likely houses and rectangular ones barns and workshops. Many of these buildings had substantial and well-made foundations constructed of local limestone, with its wall probably constructed to keep in livestock rather than for defence.

During excavations in 1905-7, a large amount of Roman-era pottery, coins, and glass were uncovered as well animal bones worked into tools and even a musical instrument! Evidence of extensive ironworking, smithing, and perhaps smelting was also uncovered at the site, indicating that these trades may have been at the centre of Din Lligwy’s economy.

Din Lligwy Hut Group today

Today the remains of the Din Lligy Hut Group provide a fascinating look into some of Britain’s oldest history, and despite their age are significantly well-preserved. The outer wall is almost complete except for a reduction in its height, and the remains of two round huts and many rectangular ones may also be viewed.

Information boards detail its intriguing history, while within a 5-minute walk visitors can also see the prehistorical Lligwy Burial Chamber, and Capel Lligwy, a ruined 12th-century chapel.

Getting to Din Lligwy Hut Group

The Din Lligwy Hut Group is located near to the village of Moelfre in Anglesey, on a minor road off the A5025. There is a small parking area nearby, from which the site is well-signposted. As the area is quite remote public transport is limited, however the 62 bus service stops on the A5025 at the Capel Paradwys stop, a 15-minute walk to the site.

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