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Dublin Castle

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

About Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle has served as everything from a fortification and royal home to a gunpowder storage facility and a prison. Construction of Dublin Castle began in 1204 by King John of England, on a site that previously housed a Danish fortress. This first incarnation of Dublin Castle, completed circa 1230, was primarily intended as a stronghold to defend the city as well as being a place from which the King could run the administration of Ireland. Few aspects of this original build remain, but those that do, such as the Record Tower, demonstrate its purpose as a fortification.

Over the centuries, Dublin Castle has been renovated and reconstructed several times, especially between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. As a result, it contains a mix of architectural influences, the most lavish of which date back to the Georgian period (eighteenth century) and include the State Apartments and St Patrick’s Hall.

Today, Dublin Castle is open to the public and one of many fascinating attractions in Ireland, but the castle still also serves official roles as the site of presidential inaugurations and international conferences.