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Fort Frederica

Harrington, Georgia, United States

Fort Frederica was an 18th century British fortification.

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020
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About Fort Frederica

Fort Frederica is a National Monument in the state of Georgia, USA which was originally established by the British General James Oglethorpe in 1736 to fortify a British settlement. It was named for the Prince of Wales, Frederick Louis.

Fort Frederica history

Fort Frederica was established in 1736 by James Oglethorpe to protect the southern boundary of his new colony of Georgia from the Spanish in Florida.

At that time, what is now the state of Georgia – the area between Spanish Florida and British South Carolina – was known as the “Debatable Land” and was contested between the two nations.

Amidst this conflict, Fort Frederica played an important role, including the War of Jenkins’ Ear and the Battle at Bloody Marsh in 1742, which resulted in British victories.

Overall, Fort Frederica was a significant defensive point from which the British confirmed their rule over Georgia.

This British victory at Bloody Marsh not only confirmed that Georgia was British territory, but also signalled the end for Frederica. When peace was declared, Frederica’s Garrison (the original 42nd Regiment of Foot) was disbanded, and eventually the town fell into decline.

Fort Frederica today

Today, what is left of Fort Frederica is part of the National Parks network. Visitors can view a film about the site, go on a self-guided tour of the fort and of the Bloody March battlefield and tour the museum.

At in the visitor centre, guests can look at the museum exhibits, try on colonial clothes, play colonial games, inquire about junior ranger programs, and shop in the Fort Frederica Association bookstore.

Getting to Fort Frederica

If travelling to Frederica by road follow signs to Frederica until reaching a small traffic circle. Take the second exit, continue on Frederica for approximately 1 mile to entrance to park. It is on the left, across the street from Wesley United Methodist Church.

The Bloody Marsh unit of the park is located on Old Demere Road, near the Saint Simons Island airport.