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Girona Arab Baths

GRN, Catalonia, Spain

The Girona Arab Baths are a Romanesque 12th century creation built for King Alfons I.

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About Girona Arab Baths

The Girona Arab Baths (Banys Arabs Girona) are a Romanesque 12th century creation built for King Alfons I. Located just around the corner from Girona Cathedral, Girona, Spain, the baths are an unusual and historic tourist attraction.

History of Girona Arab Baths

The first mention of public baths in Girona dates back to 1194. The complex was partially destroyed in 1285 during the siege by the troops of Philip III the Bold of France. They were rebuilt between 1294 and 1296 and later incorporated into the convent built on the site in the 17th century.

In the 19th century, they were an object of interest and study by early travellers, who, through documenting the baths via drawings and engravings, made them known to the whole world. They were purchased and then restored, and were finally reopened to the public in 1932.

Girona Arab Baths Today

Today, visitors can enter the Girona Arab Baths with their stunning stonework, majestic columns, rectangular structure, frigidarium, apodyterium, and octagonal pool. Entry ranges from free for under 8s to 3 euro for full-paying customers.

Concerts occasionally take place in the baths owing to the wonderful acoustics and atmospheric surroundings.

Getting to Girona Arab Baths

The best way to reach the baths is by taking the bus. Get off at c. Palamós 1, and then walk 4 minutes to the site. By car it takes 15 minutes via Carrer Barcelona, and by foot it’s also 15 minutes through the scenic city centre via Carrer de Joan Maragall.