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Granary Burial Ground

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

History Hit

24 Nov 2020

About Granary Burial Ground

Granary Burial Ground is a graveyard in Boston founded in 1660 and is the final resting place of many important figures from the American Revolution.

While Granary Burial Ground contains around 2,345 tombs and graves, the actual number of people buried here is estimated to be approximately 5,000, due to the use of mass burial sites, such as the Infant’s Tomb number 203, which is thought to include over 500 children.

Amongst its famous residents lie Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Robert Treat Paine, the three signatories of the Declaration of Independence, the lawyer James Otis, who spoke out against Writs of Assistance at the Old State House and Peter Faneuil, who was the wealthy merchant who built Faneuil Hall, the site of many pre-revolution protests.

The five victims of the Boston Massacre of 1770 are also buried at Granary Burial Ground as are Benjamin Franklin’s parents, whose tomb is furnished with a large obelisk.

Granary Burial Ground forms part of the Freedom Trail which highlights significant sites from the American War of Independence. Granary Burial Ground houses a fascinating mix of historic icons, ordinary Bostonians and modern dignitaries.

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