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Hotel de Rome

Berlin, Germany

Celeste Neill

11 Aug 2021
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About Hotel de Rome

The Hotel de Rome is a 19th century building that originally housed the headquarters of Germany’s Dresdner Bank. The Hotel is part of Bebelplatz, the historic square which is the site of the infamous book burning campaign by the Nazis in 1933.

History of the Hotel de Rome

Built in 1889, the building was home to the headquarters of Germany’s Dresdner Bank and, after World War Two, hosted the state bank of communist East Germany (D.D.R.). However the sombre D.D.R. officials, who disliked the building’s luxuriousness, boarded over the colourful mosaic stone floors and ornate moulding, which are still in place today. Other unique aspects of the hotels history are visible for guests to see, such as the bullet and grenade fragments from World War Two, which remain embedded in the original wood panelling of the first-floor suites, the former offices of government economic planners.

Hotel de Rome today

The hotel is located near one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, Unter den Linden, the famous shopping street in the upmarket district of the Mitte district. Guests checking into the hotel are in a for a unique banking themed experience. The bank’s old jewel vault has been converted into an underground luxurious spa, with the original steel-and-copper money vault now reformed into a chic nail salon. Whilst rooms once used as bank manager’s offices are now suites and the cashier’s hall has been turned into a rather grand ballroom.

Getting to Hotel de Rome

Various buses run along Unter den Linden and there are two different U-Bahn stations located nearby, a few minutes walk away. The airport is a 35 minutes drive away with the nearest car park the Q-Park Operncaree.

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