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Lapidaire Museum

Narbonne, Occitania, France

Lapidaire Museum is a museum of Ancient Roman artefacts in Narbonne, France.

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About Lapidaire Museum

Lapidaire Museum (Musee Lapidaire) is an archaeological museum in Narbonne, southern France which contains around 1,300 Ancient Roman exhibits.

Lapidaire Museum history

The archaeological collections of the Musée Calvet have been installed since 1933 in the baroque chapel of the Jesuit College, built in the 17th century by E. Martellange and then F. Royers de la Valfenière, thanks to a legacy of Cardinal de Joyeuse. It was begun in 1616 by Martelange and then by de la Valfenière from 1620 onwards. The building was made a monument historique on 21 June 1928.

Four great civilizations are represented: Egypt, Greece and Great Greece (Southern Italy), Etruria and Rome, and finally Roman and Paleo-Christian Gaul: bas-reliefs, sculptures, stelae and funeral inscriptions , Sarcophagi, objects of everyday life, bronzes, earthenware and glassware. To see, the famous Tarasque of Noves, the stage of haulage of Cabrières d’Aigues.

Lapidaire Museum today

From ancient wall fragments to tomb remains and Roman gravestones, Lapidaire Museum impressive displays showcase Narbonne’s Gallo-Roman history. Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Gallo-roman and Paleochristian pieces are all part of the collections at the museum, as well as a spectacular compilation of ancient Corinthian and Italic vases and numerous objects from the daily life such as funeral furniture, vases, glassware, jewelry and bronze objects.

In addition to the impressive collection of artifacts you will find interesting architecture as well.

Getting to Lapidaire Museum

Lapidaire Museum is housed in the gothic church of Eglise Notre-Dame in Avignon, conveniently located on Avignon’s main street, Rue the la Republique. The address of the site is 27 Rue de la République, 84000 Avignon, France. The fastest train from Paris, passing through Lyon, takes roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The cost of admission to Lapidaire Museum is around 2 euros.

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