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The Muckleburgh Military Collection

Norfolk, England, UK

Harry Sherrin

14 Sep 2021
Image Credit: Ashley Dace / CC

About The Muckleburgh Military Collection

Featuring tanks, armoured vehicles and weaponry, The Muckleburgh Military Collection is one of the most comprehensive private collections of military artefacts in the UK.

History of The Muckleburgh Military Collection

The Muckleburgh Military Collection’s story begins at a disused military base in Norfolk, England. After the Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft training camp at Weybourne closed down, stockbroker Michael Savory, with assistance from his father, set about converting the site into a museum.

In 1988 the collection-turned-museum was opened to the public. It’s now one of the largest privately owned collections of military artefacts in the UK.

The Muckleburgh Military Collection today

With tanks, vehicles and military machinery from around the globe, the Muckleburgh Military Collection offers visitors a fascinating insight into military history.

As well as armoured vehicles from the 20th century, the museum houses artillery, guns, missiles and ammunition. Moreover, the Muckleburgh Military Collection contains artefacts from the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry, including military uniforms, weapons, documents and photos.

Many of the The Muckleburgh Military Collection’s artefacts are in working order. On occasion, vehicles from the collection are displayed live in action on the site.

Getting to The Muckleburgh Military Collection

The Muckleburgh Military Collection is situated near the town of Weybourne on the north coast of Norfolk, England.

The site is just off the A149, which can be reached by the A140 from Norfolk or the A148 from King’s Lynn. It is northeast of London and Cambridge.

For access by public transport, The Muckleburgh Military Collection’s nearest rail link is Weybourne railway station.

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