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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

About Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard contains three of the Britain’s most famous warships, namely the HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and Mary Rose (although the latter is currently not open to the public, due to reopen in 2012).

Also housing the Royal Navy Museum and still part of an active naval base, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard offers visitors a great insight into the British navy, both its past and present.

HMS Victory

Vice Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship and the site where this heroic figure died.

HMS Warrior

At one time the British Navy’s most advanced warship, HMS Warrior is sole surviving member of Queen Victoria’s Black Battle Fleet.

The Mary Rose

A sixteenth century warship favoured by King Henry VIII, sunk in 1545 and recovered in 1982. Currently not viewable, but the Mary Rose Museum is still open housing finds from the wreckage.

The Royal Navy Museum

One of the Britain’s foremost maritime museums and the only one to focus on the navy’s ships and serving members. Includes The Trafalgar Experience exhibit and The Nelson Gallery.