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Stonewall Jackson Grave

Lexington, Virginia, United States

Grave of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson.

Peta Stamper

12 Apr 2021
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About Stonewall Jackson Grave

The Stonewall Jackson Grave is the gravesite of General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, a Confederate commander of the American Civil War. Located in Oak Grove Cemetery in Lexington, Virginia, Jackson is buried (minus his arm) with other members of his family. Despite continued contention over America’s Civil War, visitors sometimes leave flowers and even lemons at the grave site.

Stonewall Jackson Grave history

On May 2 1863, during the American Civil War, Confederate General Thomas Jackson had just launched an impressive attack against Union forces at Chancellorsville. Jackson was returning to his own lines with several of his staff officers when he decided to conduct a reconnaissance of the area. While riding through the woods near Confederate lines, a regiment from North Carolina, opened fire without noticing the advancing men were Confederate soldiers.

Jackson was hit by 3 bullets, 2 of which shattered his left arm. The commander was rushed to medical treatment but the arm was amputated. Several days later, Jackson caught pneumonia and on May 10, died. Jackson’s body was sent to Lexington. However, his left arm stayed behind. The unofficial company chaplain, Reverend Tucker Lacy, wrapped the arm in a blanket and gave it a Christian burial.

By the time of his death Jackson had gained a reputation as a fierce military tactician. He was therefore afforded a bronze statue monument, designed by Virginian sculptor Edward Valentine, to mark his grave in a cemetery named after him.

Following the George Floyd protests in 2020 the cemetery where the Stonewall Jackson Grave is held was renamed Oak Grove by Lexington City Council.

Stonewall Jackson Grave today

Today, the Stonewall Jackson Grave remains at the centre of Oak Grove Cemetery in Lexington, Virginia. An easy walk from downtown, the grave is sheltered by beautiful trees and surrounded by other ornate headstones and graves, including those of early Lexington residents and Jackson’s wives, children and grandchildren.

On site, there is a marker showing where Jackson’s grave was moved within the cemetery, as well as a map that explains other plots of interest. You might also see someone sucking on and or laying lemons at the grave in tribute to Jackson’s famous habit of sucking them before battle.

Getting to Stonewall Jackson Grave

Lexington is located off routes 64 and 81, and the grave is a 9 minute drive from the highway intersection. There is free parking around the cemetery. The bus route 11 will take you to Oak Grove Cemetery.

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