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Stracathro Roman Camp

Image Credit: Mike Pennington / Fields west of Stracathro / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

About Stracathro Roman Camp

Stracathro Roman Camp are the remains of a former Roman Camp in Brechin and Edzell, Angus, Scotland. It has been listed as a Scheduled Monument since 1969, and is currently being rescheduled to clarify the extent of the protected area.

Stracathro Roman Camp History

The fort was one of many which were established during the late first century AD – most likely some time during the campaigns of Julius Agricola in AD 78-84. Many of these camps were reoccupied during the reign of emperor Septimius Severus about a century later.

The site comprises of a large Roman fort, which was originally one of a series of auxiliary forts screening the Agricolan legionary fortress at Inchtuthill. The fort is defended on the North West and South West sides by two ditches and, on the South East side, by three ditches.

The site is of national importance due to it being a good example of a Roman fort with associated annexe and temporary camp which has the potential to greatly enhance out understanding of the Roman military presence in Scotland. It also contributes to an understanding of the construction of Roman road networks.

Stracathro Roman Camp Today

Today, some of the earthwork remains of the fort are visible. It makes for a scenic walk for outdoor and history enthusiasts alike, though do be aware that at times the site is inaccessible due to livestock. It’s best to ask within the area for the precise location of the camp, since the remains are sometimes difficult to decipher.

Getting to Stracathro Roman Camp

From the centre of Aberdeen, the small area of Stracathro is reachable in around 45 minutes by car via the A92 and A90 roads. LNER train services stop at Montrose train station, from where a bus can take you to the stop Porter’s Lodge, from where the Stracathro is a 1 minute walk.


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