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The American Heritage Museum

Massachusetts, United States

Harry Sherrin

15 Sep 2021
Image Credit: Public Domain

About The American Heritage Museum

Featuring at dozens of historic tanks and military vehicles, as well as an expansive collection of military artefacts, The American Heritage Museum is an interactive and educational guide through the history of warfare in America.

At The American Heritage Museum, the organisation’s website declares, “American history will be explored, studied, and most of all, remembered.”

History of The American Heritage Museum

The American Heritage Museum was born from the private collections of a Jacques M. Littlefield. Having been a keen fan of military vehicles since he was a child, Littlefield acquired an M3 Scout Car dating back to World War Two in 1975. Over the following 2 decades, Littlefield amassed a collection of some 200 military vehicles and tanks.

According to the American Heritage Museum website, Littlefield’s collection grew to become the largest private collection of tanks and military vehicles. After Littlefield passed away, his collections were stored and displayed under the banner of the American Heritage Museum.

The American Heritage Museum today

Today, The American Heritage Museum is an interactive educational experience, complete with exhibits, displays and guided dioramas.

Among The American Heritage Museum’s exhibits are around 15 tanks and armoured military vehicles that cannot be seen anywhere else in North America. These rare historic relics include a T-34 tank, a Kommandogerrat 38 German Rangefinder, a Jumbo Sherman tank and an M1A1 Abrams tank.

As well as featuring a diverse collection of military vehicles, the museum also owns a number of other military artefacts. The American Heritage Museum aims to preserve and share the military history of America and the wider world.

Getting to The American Heritage Museum

The American Heritage Museum is east of the town of Hudson, Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States.

By car from Boston, follow Route 20 west to Marlborough, then take road 85 north to Hudson. From Hudson, follow Main Street heading east.

Free parking is available in the primary lot for up to 30 cars. Buses can be accommodated in overflow parking.

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