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The House of Robert Graves

Deia, Balearic Islands, Spain

The House of Robert Graves in Mallorca is a small museum dedicated to the life of this famous author and poet.

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About The House of Robert Graves

The House of Robert Graves in Mallorca is a small museum dedicated to the life of author Robert Graves and is located in the home in which he lived.

History of the House of Robert Graves

Sometimes called Ca n’Alluny, the writer Robert Graves moved to Deia in 1929 and had this house built 3 years later. Graves had served in the First World War and was a close friend of Siegfried Sassoon. He suffered from shellshock and on the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, entrusted the house to the care of trusted local friends and fled the country.

Graves subsequently moved to the United States when war broke out in Europe. It was only in 1946 that he and his future wife, Beryl Hodge, returned to Deia to establish a home with their three children.

The House of Robert Graves today

The tour begins with a 15 minute video outlining Graves’s life and work. He is best known for his books I, Claudius and Claudius the God, but he was a prolific writer both of novels and poetry, including various pieces about life on Mallorca.

The house itself is set up as though Graves and his family have simply left for the day – everything looks lived in. There are beautiful gardens, mostly laid out by Graves himself, which contain citrus groves and a grotto.

Graves is buried in the graveyard at the local church, which is a steep walk from the village. Individual travellers are welcome, but it is wise to check, as individuals cannot go in if there are coach parties. The house is closed on Sundays. Look out for a selection of Graves’ works in the shop at the front of the house.

Getting to the House of Robert Graves

The house is between Deia and S’Empeltada, not far from the coast. Bus 203 from Palma stops in Deia roughly once an hour – check ahead before you travel. The town of Port de Soller is a 20 minute drive away.

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