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Tullie House Museum

Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

About Tullie House Museum

Tullie House Museum opened in 1893 and is a beautiful Grade I Listed Jacobean mansion in Carlisle which is part contemporary art gallery, part natural history museum and part local historical document.

The historical collections include Middle and New Stone Age (the oldest piece being a hand-axe that dates to c.10,000BC), Bronze Age jewellery, pottery and metalwork and artefacts from the early Medieval period through to the Tudors. The star of the show however is Roman Frontier: Beyond Hadrian’s Wall, a permanent exhibition that includes ‘an internationally important set of organic (mostly wooden and leather) objects from excavations of the fort and town located under present day Carlisle’.

You’ll see Roman writing tablets (as well as what could possibly be the first ever written reference to ‘Britannia’), a superb collection of sculptured and inscribed stones, military and civilian items and religious icons depicting Roman gods and local Celtic deities.

You’ll also see the world’s biggest collection of fragments and finds from the western end of the world famous Hadrian’s Wall, the far northern border of the colossal Roman Empire.

Often referred to as Carlisle’s best visitor attraction, Tullie House Museum houses an amazing array of exhibitions, interactive and hands-on displays and exciting exhibits and you can even climb a life-sized section of Hadrian’s Wall or fire a Roman weapon.

The Tullie House Museum is a great day out for the whole family and don’t forget to visit the real Hadrian’s Wall just half an hour away for a true taste of Roman Britain.