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VE Day Quiz

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01 Jan 2020

VE Day – 8th May 1945 – was the date the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany, ending the Second World War in Europe.

For Britain, America, and other Allied nations the fighting was far from over, but for those in Europe the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich was cause for much-needed revelling.

We invite you to test your knowledge on VE Day and World War Two.



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"Their finest hour", "we shall fight on the beaches", "never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few". These words of Winston Churchill are synonymous with our idea of the British war effort during the darkest days of WWII. Richard Toye joined me on the podcast to take a closer look at these speeches. How many civilians would have actually heard Churchill's brilliant rhetoric, and what did they think of them?
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