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Register Your Interest for the History Hit Open: An Age of Empires II Tournament for Autumn 2021

Are you ready to win our top prize?

James Carson

14 Jul 2021
Our competitive tournaments will focus on Age of Empires to begin with.
Image Credit: Microsoft

Are you Teutons or are you Maya? Britons or Chinese? Whatever your chosen civilisation, if you’re a serious Age of Empires II player, you can register your interest to be in our inaugural historical esports tournament – the History Hit Open.

I’ve spent much of my spare time (there’s been a fair bit) over these last 6 months playing Age of Empires II and it feels like I’m getting somewhere. Having reached the dizzying heights of winning more games than losing on Arabia and Arena on unranked, perhaps its time to earn my spurs on ranked multiplayer and competition? Erm, no. Despite my incessant Spirit of the Law viewing I’m sadly not yet good enough – and I’ll leave that to you guys.

If you haven’t already watched the above video, I implore you to (and you probably won’t be ready for competitive esports yet).

The History Hit Open has been announced for this coming Autumn. That could be late September, or it could be October or November – the exact date is still currently to be confirmed. For the moment we’re looking for top players from around the world to register their interest.

We’re offering a total prize pool for this first Age of Empires tournament of $5,000 and it will be a knockout tournament.

To register your interest, all you need do is email in to with ‘History Hit Open’ in the subject line and your credentials. Do you rank highly on multiplayer? Have you entered (or indeed won) another Age of Empires II contest before? Do you have a dedicated Age of Empires online following? These sorts of things will help us shape the competition details in the coming weeks. There will also be another tournament in the Autumn after the Age of Empires IV release.

Excited? I am. Maybe I’ll even be able to beat you by then by playing a long attritional battle as the Teutons. But I doubt it. Apply within.

This is a preliminary announcement that we will host two Age of Empires tournaments in the Autumn. We are committed to delivering on these tournaments and the prize pools, and will work with the existing Age of Empires II community to do so. A full announcement of tournament details and full registration will come in August. 

James Carson