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The History Hit Open: Watch the Finals Live

Eight high-level Age of Empires II players have broken through the first three rounds of the History Hit Open to compete in the dramatic final stages of the $5,000 competition. Between 15 and 17 October, professional Age of Empires players including TheViper, DauT and Mr_Yo will take part in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Grand Final.

The entirety of the finals will be broadcast on the History Hit Twitch channel. Players are competing in a fast-paced, exciting contest for their share of a prize pool completely sponsored by History Hit. The tournament schedule is listed below.

The History Hit Open began on 27 September with a total of 64 players, 60 of whom were placed by their preliminary rankings and 4 of whom were the result of a wild card draw. You can learn more about the History Hit Open on our official announcement page.

Historian Dan Snow described the History Hit Open tournament as “a modern incarnation literally in the spirit of its medieval ancestors.” The Quarterfinals will be played as a best of 3, while the Semifinals will be a best of 5, and the Grand Final will be a best of 7. A 3rd-place match will be a best of 3.

Finals schedule

Starting times for the first set of each day will be as listed, but following sets may begin earlier depending on the ending time of the preceding set.

Quarterfinals: 15 October

  • Q1 – Mr_Yo vs JorDan – 14 GMT (15 BST)
  • Q2 – ACCM vs. Viper or SayMyName- 16 GMT (17 BST)
  • Q3 – Villese vs. PROject_Belgium – 18 GMT (19 BST)
  • Q4 – DauT vs. Dogao – 20 GMT (21 BST)

Semifinals: 16 October

  • S1 – 15 GMT (14 BST)
  • S2 – 18 GMT (19 BST)

Grand Final and 3rd Place: 17 October

  • 3rd Place – 14 GMT (15 BST)
  • GRAND FINAL – 16 GMT (17 BST)

The History Hit Open is hosted and sponsored by History Hit. The Open has been administered by professional Age of Empires player, caster and coach FlyLikeDjango, and the finals will be broadcast by caster NovaAoE. Watch the tournament at HistoryHitTV.

Kyle Hoekstra