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Announcing 2 New Historical Esports Tournaments for Autumn 2021

James Carson

14 Jul 2021
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Yes, it’s here. I’m delighted to announce that History Hit has a new dedicated historical gaming section. We’ve also got two new e-sports tournaments coming this Autumn – to be broadcast live on History Hit’s YouTube channel and Twitch account.

What’s that – history and gaming? 🤔 Well, yes. I’ve been playing historical computer games for over 25 years. Caesar, Centurion and Monkey Island were the main PC titles of my youth, and are all based in history (well, the latter is fiction ‘based’ in the Age of Sail at least). I don’t think I’ve played any other series as much as Total War or Civilization. They’ve been my go to titles in the past two decades.

There isn’t really an end to playing Civilization. Every game is different.

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A lockdown discovery

More recently – largely by chance through lockdown – I’ve become a semi-serious Age of Empires II player and I’m looking forward to instalment number IV this Autumn. Historical strategy games are a taxing mental challenge, and played out in real time can be very exhilarating.

History Hit’s mission is to make history more accessible in the digital age. As well as being leaders in podcasting and video on demand, it feels natural to be involved in what is now the biggest entertainment format of them all, but with a twist – we’ll only cover games that are clearly based in history. Thankfully, there are many. 

“Ever since that memorable week when I switched off my phone, stockpiled supplies and spent every waking hour playing Civilization II I have been obsessed with historical gaming. I saw instantly that these games entertain but they also educate. So many people confide to me that they were introduced to a love of history by Age of Empires, or Total War. Like historical novels, games fire the imagination, captivate and set people on the path to a fascination with what has gone before.

We have a lot of passionate historical strategy gamers on Team History Hit so it was the natural thing to launch our new gaming section. We’ll be letting our history mad audience know which are the best history games out there and how to play them. Most excitingly of all we will be hosting e-sports tournaments. What could be more historic? Tournaments date from the 12th Century, this is modern incarnation literally in the spirit of its medieval ancestors.”

Dan Snow.

Our Age of Empires Esports Tournaments

Esports is a fast-growing entertainment format and many historical games are well suited to it. Age of Empires II already has a burgeoning competitive community and we’re excited about connecting this global audience with our dedicated digital history channels.

Our competitive tournaments will focus on Age of Empires to begin with.

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Along with the launch of our new gaming section, we’re also announcing two new esports tournaments for Autumn 2021. The first, named the ‘History Hit Open’, will be a knockout focused on Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

The second tournament will be called ‘The History Hit League of Nations’ and be a league, played after the much-anticipated Age of Empires IV is released.

Combined prize pool will be $10,000, with more details to follow.

We’re looking for advanced level Age of Empires II players to compete in our first live tournament. 

Competitors can register their interest at and will be selected on evidence of skill and previous competitive play. You can find out more on how to apply to the History Hit Open here.

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James Carson