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Historic Sites in Honduras

Discover the best Historic Sites in Honduras, from Copan to the Maya ​Archaeological Museum​ and more, includes interactive map of Honduran cultural places and landmarks.

There’s a host of top Historic Sites in Honduras to visit and among the very best are Copan and the Maya Archaeological Museum.

We’ve put together an experts guide to Honduran cultural places and landmarks, with our top ten places to visit as well as a full list of Historic Sites in Honduras, which shouldn’t be ignored if you have the time.

What are the best Historic Sites in Honduras?

1. Copan

Copan near the town of Copan Ruinas in Honduras is an archaeological site housing the ruins of a major Maya settlement which was probably the most influential city in the south eastern area occupied by this civilisation.

Today, visitors to Copan can see its many incredible structures, which also rank highly amongst the reasons for its UNESCO status. Containing five main plazas, an acropolis, numerous temples, terraces, pyramids and dwellings, one cannot fail to be impressed by Copan. Incredible glyphs adorn its staircases, structures, temples and altars, with depictions of animals and human faces.

There is a nearby sculpture museum which explores the Maya culture and artwork.

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2. Museo Regional de Arqueología Maya

The Maya Archaeological Museum in Copan Ruinas explores the history of the Maya civilisation and particularly looks at the nearby settlement of Copan.

Exhibiting finds from the archaeological excavations of Copan, such as stelae, jade, pottery and even a tomb, the museum offers a good insight into the Maya culture and is fascinating to see, particularly in the context of also visiting Copan.

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