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Historic Sites in Pakistan

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24 Nov 2020

There’s a host of top Historic Sites in Pakistan to visit and among the very best are Taxila and the Lahore Fort. Our database of Historic Sites in Pakistan is growing all the time, but we may not cover them all. So, if you know of other Pakistani cultural locations, you can always add them to Trip Historic now by contacting us today.

What are the best Historic Sites in Pakistan?

1. Taxila

Taxila, also known as the Ancient Gandhāran city of Takshashila, is an ancient site in the Punjab Province of Pakistan dating back as far as the sixth century BC. One of the factors which make Taxila such a significant archeological site is the fact that, over its five century lifespan, it witnessed the evolution of numerous civilizations, including the Persians, Greeks and Hindus. It was also an important site in the development of the art of Gandhara.

Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a great place to discover the roots of Buddhism, the art of Gandhara and the ancient culture of the subcontinent. If you’re only planning a day’s visit, the Taxlia Museum is probably the best place to get an overview and to see some of the relics as well as the artwork.

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2. Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort in Lahore, Pakistan is a large complex of fortifications, marble mosques and palaces built by Mughal Emperor Akbar, known as Akbar the Great. Whilst there were buildings and fortifications on the site since the eleventh century and even before, it was under Akbar the Great that the current fort flourished.

After the Mughal Empire fell in the eighteenth century, the Lahore Fort was ransacked and many of its buildings were damaged. However it has now been carefully restored, allowing visitors to enjoy its original splendour. The Lahore Fort houses three museums, the Mughal Museum, the Armoury Gallery and the Sikh Museum, each containing a series of interesting exhibits. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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