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History Hit Partners With TV’s Ray Mears on Two New Documentaries  

Carly Clark

20 Jul 2021

History Hit has partnered with Ray Mears on two new series: Ancient Britain with Ray Mears and Invasion with Ray Mears. 

The first episode of four-part documentary Ancient Britain is set for release on Friday 23rd July, with the three-part Invasion series to follow in the Autumn. In Ancient Britain, Ray will take us on a journey back in time to explore the earliest traces of human habitation on our shores.

From mysterious footprints at Happisburgh in Norfolk through to signs of early warfare in the Malvern Hills. Ray will chart the course of human development through changes in technologies that in turn drastically changed these people’s ways of building, hunting, living and fighting.  

Following on, Invasion will see Ray chart both Caesar’s and Claudius’ invasion of the British Isles. He will delve into first-hand accounts to bring to life the story of Caesar’s two expeditions to Britain, before telling the story of the Claudian invasion and the establishment of the fledgling Roman province of Britannia.  

Ray says: 

“I’ve always been a firm believer that the past informs the present and can provide a guide to the future. Across these films, I’m excited to be getting to grips with ideas and practices of our ancestors in the hope of shedding some light on our nation’s earliest histories.”

Father of British bushcraft & professional tracker, Ray Mears is best known for his series of television shows surrounding bushcraft and survival. The praise that Mears’ work received early in his career meant that he was contacted to present the 1994 BBC series Tracks.

By 1997, he had begun hosting his well-known Ray Mears’ World of Survival which has now split off into various spin-off series including Ray Mears’ Bushcraft and Wild Britain with Ray Mears. With the success of his TV series blowing up, he also released a book series with titles including The Survival Handbook, The Outdoor Survival Handbook and Ray Mears’ World of Survival. More recently, Ray has become a household name within TV presenting.  

Carly Clark