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Arch of La Estrella

Caceres, Extremadura, Spain

The Arch of La Estrella is an 18th century gate in Cáceres.

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020
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About Arch of La Estrella

The Arch of La Estrella (Arco de la Estrella) – translated as the Arch of the Star – is an 18th century gate designed by Manuel de Lara y Churriguera and located in the main square or Plaza Mayor of Cáceres in Spain.

Arch of La Estrella history

The Arco de la Estrella is the main gate to Old Town Cáceres. It joins the Main Plaza with the Plaza de Santa María, which both have been epicentres of the old and new city for centuries.

It is considered the most important gate of the Old Town, since it was the place chosen by the catholic Queen Isabella I of Castile to swear in the Fueros (rights) and privileges in 1477. It was also where King

Ferdinand II of Aragon “The Catholic” swore in the Fueros to the city in 1479. When the entrance to the old part of Cáceres from Plaza Mayor was carved out of the wall it was called Puerta Nueva.

The 15th century arch was remodeled in 1726 by Manuel de Larra Churriguera. This shaped the entrance into a low and wide-angled arch so that the carriages could easily pass through to the Old Town.

In the upper part, there is a temple with a statue of the Virgin of the Star, which gives the arch its name. Travellers would confide in this icon when they left the city, and they thanked her for their safe return.

The Arch of La Estrella stands out for having had all kinds of historical figures of the time pass through it as well as featuring some very interesting architectural elements. The arch has the coat of arms of Cáceres on its upper part. It also features an image of Nuestra Señora de la Estrella, which it was named after.

Arch of La Estrella today

This area and the area around it have an atmosphere of historic grandeur. This setting was used as a filming location in Game of Thrones season 7.

Getting to the Arch of La Estrella

The Arch of La Estrella is located centrally in Cáceres. Through the arch is the historic Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.