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Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris, Wales, United Kingdom

About Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle is an incomplete but nonetheless striking medieval castle on the Isle of Anglesey built by King Edward I.

Begun in 1295, this was the last of the king’s ring of castles which he commissioned so as to affirm his conquest of Wales. Designed to be the largest of this imposing circle, Beaumaris Castle was never completed.

Despite its unfinished state, Beaumaris Castle did play a military role, being besieged and captured by Prince of Wales Owain Glyn Dwron in 1403 before being retaken by the English in 1405. Charles I also used it as a base for moving supplies and troops during the English Civil War.

Today, the picturesque ruins of Beaumaris Castle offer a glimpse into its real and potential grandeur. Together with three of Edward’s other Welsh strongholds, Beaumaris Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site.