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Braunfels Castle

Braunfels, Hesse, Germany

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020

About Braunfels Castle

Braunfels Castle is a beautifully picturesque medieval castle that towers above the Lahn valley. Located on the crest of a basalt rock, Braunfels Castle has been through several incarnations over the centuries.

Braunfels Castle history

Believed to have been first built in the mid-thirteenth century, this imposing fortification was expanded and reinforced over the following 300 years.

First mentioned as castellum brunenvelsz in 1246, the former stronghold changed its appearance continuously over the centuries. In the 14th century, with the rise of firearms enhancing range, circular walls with defence towers and fortified ramparts were built.

A devastating fire in 1679 left much of the castle in ruins and it was significantly rebuilt at that stage. Reconstruction took place under the supervision of Count Heinrich Trajektin.

Starting 1845, Ferdinand the “Hunting Prince” had the castle rebuild in neo-gothic style on the well-kept foundation of the original castle and reconstructed the knight´s hall from historical records. After the year 1880, Prince Georg gave the castle its unmistakable silhouette, with its many picturesque towers and oriels.

The castle we know it today can largely trace its roots back to these rebuilding projects that were completed in the neo-Gothic style.

Braunfels Castle today

Visitors to Braunfels today can explore the imposing architecture as well as touring the chambers and state rooms within. Highlights include the museum and Knight’s Hall which showcase collections of weaponry, armour, art, sculpture and medieval furniture.

The counts’ and princes’ of Solms-Braunfels extraordinary private collection is on exhibit at the separate Family Museum. Entrance to the museum is through a swing gate with a coin slot, the admission fee is 3 euro per person. The grounds also include significant parkland and are a popular draw.

Getting to Braunfels Castle

While many visitors choose to drive the castle, it can also be reached by public transport.

The “Lahntal-station Leun/Braunfels” is located on the railway line ”Gießen/Limburg”. The train stops every 60 min. during rush hour, partly every 30 min. It is a 2.5 mile walk to the castle from the station. There are frequent bus connections from ”Wetzlar” to the city of Braunfels.

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