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About Camber Castle

Camber Castle, also known as Winchelsea Castle, was one of a number of forts built by Henry VIII to protect England’s southern coast.

Construction of Camber Castle began in 1539, a year after France and Spain had signed a treaty. At the time, the monarch built these fortifications to defend the country against any subsequent invasions.

A highly symmetrical and vast sandstone construct shielded by a curtain wall, artillery platforms and semi-circular towers, Camber Castle was built in stages and was completed in 1544. However, soon after its completion, the silting of the surrounding landscape compromised the usefulness of Camber Castle and its garrison of almost thirty men was disbanded in 1637.

Today, Camber Castle is an English Heritage site and part of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. It is managed by the Reserve and East Sussex County Council. Camber Castle is open to the public and guided tours are available. Further information on the castle can be found on the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve website.