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Sarah Roller

24 Nov 2020
Image Credit: Malini Inderdeo / Shutterstock

About Chacchoben

Chacchoben is a Maya site in Mexico housing some impressive pyramid temples.

History of Chacchoben

The exact history of Chacchoben is unclear. Most sources date its pyramids to around 700AD (some say 300AD), although the Mayas are said to have been present at Chacchoben long before this, perhaps as early as 200BC. It would have been one of the largest communities in the region, with a ritual plaza, large temples (some of which still exist) and massive platform groups.

The site was relatively known for much of its history, only officially begin reported to the Mexican government in 1972. Chacchoben was excavated in 1994, and only opened to the public in 2002.

The site is characterised by large temples and massive platform groups.

Chacchoben today

Only a small portion of the site is actually open to the public, with much of it still buried in jungle vegetation. The surrounding jungle is teeming with wildlife and it’s worth finding a guide to take you on a walk through it – it’s a truly enlightening experience. Be warned that cruise ships which dock on the Costa Maya often bring groups here, so you may well find the place deserted or teeming with tourists depending on your timing.

Bring mosquito repellent, water and sturdy shoes so you can climb the stone structures.

Getting to Chacchoben

Chacchoben is just over an hour north of Chetumal, located between Ruta 293 and 307.

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