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Cliveden House

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

History Hit

24 Nov 2020

About Cliveden House

Cliveden House is an eighteenth century historic home in Northwest Philadelphia’s Germantown neighbourhood. Built from 1763 to 1767, Cliveden House was intended as the summer home of Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Chew and his family. In fact, it would go on to fulfil this role for seven generations of Chews, the main parts of the house remaining remarkably well-preserved.

One of the most important chapters in the history of Cliveden House took place on 4 October 1777, when it became the site of the Battle of Germantown, a clash in the Revolutionary War. Part of the Philadelphia Campaign, this battle was a victory for British troops under Colonel Thomas Musgrave against American forces under George Washington.

Cliveden House also has significance in terms of African American history. In particular, the Chew family owned plantations which employed slave labour.

Visitors to Cliveden House can learn about different aspects of the Chew family’s history as well as that of the site itself.

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