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Koyikkal Palace (Attingal Palace)

Attingal, Kerala, India

Attingal Palace is an historic site located near Attingal, Kerala. It is one of the oldest palaces in Kerala.

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About Koyikkal Palace (Attingal Palace)

Koyikkal Palace is an historic site located near Attingal in Kerala, India.

History of Koyikkal Palace

Built in the 17th century for Umayamma Rani, queen of the Venad Royal Family, the Koyikkal Palace is one of the oldest in Kerala. It’s a double story building with distinctive gabled roofs.

In 1721, the palace was the site of the Attingal revolt against the malpractice of British traders – in this case, it was triggered by the pricing of black pepper. Locals attacked British officers heading to the palace to give gifts to the queen, before capturing the nearby Anchuthengu Fort. Six months later, the British reclaimed the fort but shortly afterwards signed a peace treaty with the queen of Attingal.

Koyikkal Palace today

Today, the palace houses a Folklore Museum (1992) and Numismatics Museum, both of which house objects of cultural significance within the Keralan State and as a result, the palace is a popular attraction for locals and domestic tourists. The Numismatics Museum has a rare coin collection, and can be used as a kind of snapshot into Kerala’s history – both on its own terms and in its relations with other states and nations.

The palace is something of an oasis of tranquillity, and the area is beautiful. The palace is closed on Mondays. In October 2020, it was announced that the palace would undergo a multi-million rupee renovation. The surrounding area contains several temples, many of which were built by the local rulers. A number of these temples are located close to Attingal Palace.

Getting to Koyikkal Palace

The palace is located just outside Attingal, off the Attingal Varkala Road. It’s an easy walk from the main town, or a quick ride in a tuktuk.

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