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About Merida Roman Theatre

The Merida Roman Theatre or “Teatro Romano” is one of the most impressive of the ruins of this former colony of the Roman Empire. Together, these ruins, which include Guadiana Bridge and Merida Amphitheatre, form the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida.

Constructed in approximately 15-16 BC and able to accommodate almost 6,000 people, the Merida Roman Theatre would have been one of many public buildings erected in the area. At the time, Merida was known as Augusta Emerita and was the capital of Lusitania.

Now partially reconstructed, the Merida Roman Theatre is extremely well preserved, particularly its lower levels. The semi-circular walls are intact and the back wall of the stage or “frons scenae” with its double-tiered columns has been beautifully restored.

The Merida Roman Theatre also features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Spain.