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Kayadibi, Southeastern Anatolia Region, Turkey

About Nemrut

Nemrut is the site of the eminently impressive first century BC mountain-top tomb of King Antiochus I Epiphanes.

Also known as or Nemrud or as Mount Nemrut (Nemrut Dağı in Turkish), the site is famed for its 10-metre-high statues depicting various heads, both mythical and real in nature.

Antiochus may have been descended from Darius the Great and Alexander the Great, but his own Commagene kingdom is far less well known. Indeed, the grandeur of Nemrut has proved such a draw over the years that this UNESCO-listed site is often credited with putting his realm on the map.

Today, Nemrut is usually visited at sunrise or sunset, the times considered best for admiring its still-life population.