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Royal Sipan Tombs

Lambayeque, Lambayeque, Peru

About Royal Sipan Tombs

The Sipan Tomb Museum in Peru displays the treasures found at the Royal Sipan Tombs, originally uncovered in the Lambayeque Valley.

The Royal Sipan Tomb was the mausoleum of the Lord of Sipan, a great warrior and a significant figure amongst the Moche people dating back to the fourth century AD.

A revered warlord, the Lord of Sipan’s tomb is said to have rivalled that of Tutankhamen in terms of the amount and grandeur of objects buried with him. When the Sipan Tomb was found, the Lord of Sipan was covered in and surrounded with an abundance of gold, silver and jewels.

The Royal Sipan Tombs artefacts, which include jewels, ceramics, gold and silver objects and pieces made of carved wood, are all displayed at the Sipan Tombs Museum, which is even structured to look like the actual tomb.

However, in addition to this wealth of artefacts, the Lord of Sipan’s tomb contained further incredible finds. In fact, the Lord of Sipan was found amongst other skeletons, including those of a dog, a llama and even two young women, possibly his concubines, believed to have been sacrificed upon his death.

The Sipan Tomb Museum is very much a labour of love, created by the archaeologists who unearthed and protected these artefacts. This site features as one of our Top Tourist Attractions in Peru.