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Sao Miguel das Missoes

Sao Miguel das Missoes, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

About Sao Miguel das Missoes

Sao Miguel das Missoes was a reduction founded in the 18th century by the Jesuits or the ‘Society of Jesus’ and intended to convert the indigenous Guarani Indian population to Christianity.

The Jesuits often found themselves under attack from slave traders and, while the mission was originally founded in Itaiaceco in 1632, it found its way to São Miguel in 1687 after several moves, by which time it had over 4,000 inhabitants.

Very little remains of Sao Miguel das Missoes, most of this historic site having been destroyed in 1768 as part of a campaign to expel the Jesuits. The church, of which some ruins remain, had actually already been ravaged by a fire in 1760.