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The Ronda Bullring

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

The Ronda Bullring is amongst the oldest of its kind in Spain.

Peta Stamper

13 Apr 2021

About The Ronda Bullring

The Ronda Bullring, also known as La Ronda or Plaza de toros de Ronda, has attained iconic status and is one of the oldest bull rings in Spain. Opened in 1785, the Ronda Bullring can hold some 5,000 spectators and its Neoclassical architecture makes it a popular site for those hoping to admire its style, history and prestige.

The Ronda Bullring history

The bullring’s history traces back to the order of horsemanship, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda, founded in 1485 when the Catholic Monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand reconquered Ronda from the Moors, ending over 7 centuries of Islamic rule. The bullring itself commenced construction in 1779 and was designed by José Martín de Aldehuela and was unique in that all its seating was undercover.

Ronda’s bullring was completed in 1784, boasting 136 Tuscan sandstone columns and 68 arches ringing the central bullring. However, during the first corrida or bullfight held at Ronda, part of the stand collapsed meaning the bullring had to close until repaired. The Ronda Bullring’s second inaugural bullfight was held on May 19 1785, featuring the star fighter Pedro Romero and his great rival, Pepe Hillo.

In 1923 when the Espinel theatre was constructed in Plaza Blas Infante, relocating the main entrance to Ronda’s bullring. The old Espinel theatre was demolished and at the same time historians suggest moving the Ronda’s entrance back to its original place.

The Ronda Bullring today

Today, the Ronda Bullring is open as a tourist attraction and includes a museum of its own past. The bullring itself is the largest in the world, measuring a diameter of 66 metres. Visiting the museum offers the chance to see some of the most important outfits and bullfighting regalia from over 2 centuries.

If you happen to be visiting in the second week of September, you will catch the Feria Goyesca event in honour of Pedro Romero, often including bullfighters from the Ordoñez family, Ronda’s second oldest bullfighting dynasty. Otherwise, the Museo Taurino and bullring are open everyday, all day.

Getting to The Ronda Bullring

For those driving, Ronda is just over an hour drive from Marbella on the coast and there is 24 hour car parking at the Plaza Del Socorro, a 2 minute walk from the bullring. If using public transport the Ronda train station along the Intercity and MD lines is a 12 minute walk away.