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Angostura Battlefield

Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Angostura Battlefield marks the location of an important clash in the Mexican-American War, the Battle of Buena Vista.

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About Angostura Battlefield

Angostura Battlefield in Mexico is the location of an important clash in the Mexican-American War.

History of Angostura Battlefield

The battle occurred on February 23, 1847 near the town of Angostura: American forces under the command of General Zachary Taylor. had invaded north-eastern Mexico, taking Monterrey and Saltillo. Mexican forces commanded by General Antonio López de Santa Anna marched north from San Luis Potosi to fight the invaders. The forces clashed outside the town of Angostura, and despite being massively outnumbered, heavy American artillery fire saw off the Mexican defence. The Mexican army suffered a heavy defeat and retreated, dispirited, during the night

Angostura Battlefield today

Today a small memorial marking this important battle can be seen just off the main road in Angostura. There is also a museum dedicated to the battle in nearby Saltillo.

Getting to Angostura Battlefield

The battlefield memorial lies just south west of Saltillo, off Ruta 54. It’s most easily accessed by car, although you could get a taxi, colectivo or bus from Saltillo.

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