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El Tepozteco

Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

About El Tepozteco

El Tepozteco is an ancient Aztec temple hidden deep in the western part of Tepoztlan National Park, Mexico, accessible via a 2.5km forest trek, with a 400m incline.

El Tepozteco is a hilltop shrine to the Aztec deity Tepoztecatl, god of pulque, made up of two rooms. At its height, it attracted pilgrims and visitors from as far away as modern day Guatemala. The views are spectacular, even on a hazy day, and many consider the hike worthwhile for these alone.

Whilst not the most impressive site in Mexico by a long haul, it is a great stop on a hike through the park. Getting to El Tepozteco can be tricky and involves some hiking, although the scenery is beautiful.

Before You Go

The path is relatively steep: bring water, wear sturdy shoes and consider your fitness level before setting off.