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Alanya, Mediterranean Region, Turkey

Part of Alanya Castle, the Kizilkule or Red Tower was built in 1226 and stands 29 meters high.

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About Kizilkule

The Kizilkule is a historical tower in the Turkish city of Alanya. The building is considered to be the symbol of the city, to the extent that it is used on the city’s flag.

History of Kizilkule

One of the most impressive elements of Alanya Castle is the Kizilkule, or Red Tower. Completed in 1226 and standing 29 meters high, it served its purpose as a defensive measure to stop the harbour, which dates from 1221, from sea-borne attack.

The tower derives its name from the red-coloured brick used during its construction, and remains one of the finest examples of medieval and military architecture and is the best-preserved Seljuk building in the city.

The Red Tower has five storeys and is 85 steps. Like many buildings in the city, Kizilkule files a Turkish Flag from its crenulations.

Kizilkule Today

Located in the tower is the Ethnographic Museum of Alanya which opened in 1979. Displaying works of art from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, many Turkish and Islamic works of are also housed at the museum, including marble, terracotta, mosaic, and glass artefacts as well as coin collections dating back to Antiquity.

The oldest artefact dates to 625BC and is a stone inscription in the Phoenician language. There is also a bronze statue of Heracles, produced in the 2nd century BC.

In addition the Ethnography section of the museum exhibits hundreds of items ranging from tableware, jewellery and embroidery, to manuscripts and writing tools.

As well as providing extensive information about the town, the museum devotes attention to the heraldry – in particular, the double-headed eagle that is used on the city flag.

Getting to Kizilkule

From the centre of Alanya, Kizilkule is a 13 minute drive via either Damlataş Cd., Atatürk Blv., or Kızlarpınarı Cd. By foot, the site is a scenic 45 minute walk via the same roads.