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About Sayil

Sayil is a small archaeological site of Maya ruins, located in southwest Yucatan, Mexico. Built in the traditional Puuc style, Sayil reached its zenith around the 9th century, and archaeological evidence suggests that its rulers gained their wealth and power through control of agricultural lands.

Quieter than the larger sites in the area such as Uxmal, Sayil offers a good place to see Maya structures such as its impressive palace (El Palacio), which boasts of an 85m long façade with ornate friezes and Chaac (rain god) masks. The El Mirador temple is also worth seeing: it still possess a large roofcomb which would once have been painted bright red. Lastly, the South Group of ruins (Grupo Sur) remains still half buried in the jungle: the roots covering the walls remain wonderfully evocative of the age when these ruins were rediscovered.