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Christian Necropolis of Pecs

Pecs, Baranya, Hungary

The Christian Necropolis of Pecs is a fourth century Roman mausoleum, the ruins of which are UNESCO listed.

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About Christian Necropolis of Pecs

The Christian Necropolis of Pecs is a fourth century Roman mausoleum in Hungary, the ruins of which are UNESCO listed.

History of Christian Necropolis of Pecs

Built over 1,600 years ago, the early Christian Necropolis of Pecs provides a remarkable example of late Roman burial practices and funerary cult. The sepulchres are regarded as the largest single Christian tomb complex outside Italy.

Sopianae, the Roman settlement upon which the town of Pecs was built, was founded in the early 2nd century. In 100 years, it would grow into a thriving city and a significant centre of Christianity.

The first burial chamber at the site – known as The Peter and Paul Tomb – was discovered in 1782, and is regarded as the best-known early Christian structure in Pannonia, the Roman province in today’s western Hungary. The early Christian Mausoleum, which dates to around 370AD, was discovered in 1975 and was the largest building in the Roman town of Sopianae.

Christian Necropolis of Pecs Today

A remnant of what was the Roman town of Sopianae, one aspect which makes the Christian Necropolis of Pecs special is its unique architecture. The site is made up two levels, with subterranean tombs and above-ground chapels. The visitor centre includes the Mausoleum, six two-storey burial chambers, and two larger, single-space buildings.

Visitors to the Christian Necropolis of Pecs can see their remains as well as several fascinating funerial murals.

Getting to Christian Necropolis of Pecs

From the centre of the historic city of Pecs, the Necropolis is a 6 minute drive via the Rákóczi út road. There are a number of buses which stop at Cella Septichora, after which the site is a minute’s walk.

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