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General Patton Memorial Museum – Ettelbruck

Ettelbruck, Canton Diekirch, Luxembourg

The General Patton Memorial Museum in Ettelbruck is a World War II museum focusing on the German invasion of Luxembourg.

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About General Patton Memorial Museum – Ettelbruck

The General Patton Memorial Museum in Ettelbruck is a World War II museum focusing on the German invasion of Luxembourg in 1940 and its subsequent liberation by US troops in 1944.

With a range of weapons, equipment, information boards, and over a thousand documents and photos, the General Patton Memorial Museum chronicles this episode in history. The museum’s namesake is General George S. Patton Jr., the commander who led the 3rd U.S. Army in freeing Luxembourg.

History of General Patton Memorial Museum

General George Patton was commander of the 3rd US Army, and is known for his emphasis on rapid and aggressive offensive military action.

From 1940 onwards during World War II, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany. General Patton liberated Ettlebruck on Christmas Day, 1944, and as a result, remains a highly revered figure in the city.

The General Patton Memorial Museum opened in July 1995, and pays tribute to Patton whilst also documenting and educating the public about the period from the German occupation of 1940 to American liberation in 1944.

General Patton Memorial Museum Today

Today, more than 1000 photographs and documents that relate to the German invasion are displayed, as well as weapons and pieces of equipment discovered on the Ardennes battlefield.

The first section of the museum describes the invasion in May 1940, the Nazi occupation, and the liberation by American troops in September 1944.

The second section of the exhibition presents visitors with a considerable number of pieces of weapons and military equipment which has been discovered on the battlefield of the Ardennes in recent years.

Another section of the museum provides an overview of the war in the air in Luxembourg. The main attraction of the museum is its large selection of battle tanks.

Outside is the Patton Monument, a statue of General Patton.

Only around 5km away is the National Museum of Military History, which was created in 1984 by collectors and volunteers, and is well worth a visit for those wanting to deepen their understanding of Luxembourg’s strategic importance during World War II.

Getting to General Patton Memorial Museum

The museum is at the Chiriaco Summit exit of Interstate 10, 30 miles east of Indio. It is 1000 feet west of the Chiriaco Summit Airport. There is a large car parking space at the site.

From Los Angeles, which is the nearest major city, the museum takes around 2 and a half hours by car, via the l-10 E road. There are also frequent connecting buses that originate from Union Station.

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