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Kazan Cathedral

okrug 78, Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor, is a large and impressive nineteenth century cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. Designed by Andrei Voronikhin , Kazan Cathedral was modelled on Rome’s Basilica of St Paul and completed in 1811.

Kazan Cathedral has had a diverse history, including being a symbol of Russian victory following the defeat of Napoleon in the war of 1812 and even being a museum of aethism during the Bolshevik era. Remnants of its history prevail. For example, the Mikhail Kutuzov, a famous Russian Field Marshal who led the Russians in 1812, is buried there to this day and the museum still occupies part of Kazan Cathedral, although it has since undergone a name change.