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Mamayev Hill

Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia

About Mamayev Hill

Mamayev Hill or “Mamayev Kurgan” in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) in Russia is a memorial complex dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad. This battle was considered to be a defining moment in World War II in which the Russians defeated German forces, turning the tide of the war and starting a chain of events which would lead to the downfall of the Axis powers.

Mamayev Hill in Volgograd was a vital stronghold during the battle. Known in military circles as Height 103.0, having control of Mamayev Hill was seen as controlling the city.

Today, Mamayev Hill is dominated by a dramatic 300-foot statue entitled “The Motherland Calls”. At the time of its creation, this dramatic depiction of a woman wielding a sword was the tallest statue in the world. Some news reports have now said that this statue is in danger of collapsing.

Several other sculptures dot the Mamayev Hill memorial complex, which includes a military cemetery housing the graves of over 600 soldiers (109 of whom are identified).