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Rawansar Tomb

Badr, Kermanshah Province, Iran

The Rawansar Tomb is an Achaemenid-era ancient rock cut tomb located in the hilltops overlooking the modern town of Rawansar in western Iran.

Peta Stamper

27 Jul 2021
Image Credit: CC / Archaeo-iran

About Rawansar Tomb

The Rawansar Tomb, also called Dekhmeye Rawansar, is an ancient rock cut tomb located in the rocky hilltops which overlook the modern town of Rawansar in western Iran.

Rawansar Tomb history

Though the evidence relating to the origins of the Rawansar Tomb has been sparse, the archaeological and decorative features of the tomb have seen it dated to the Achaemenid Empire period between the 6th and 4th centuries BC.

The tomb is cut directly into the rock and consists of an entranceway and interior chamber which would likely have contained the remains of those buried inside. It has been speculated that this may have been a private family tomb, but there is no direct evidence that this is the case.

There is also a pillar base next to the Goni Khani Spring, called “Takhti Zangi”, which may have been created at the same time as the tomb, indicating the presence of a palace or smaller buildings near the spring. Therefore, during the Achaemenid period, Rawansar was probably one of the important centres of this government in the west of the country.

The Rawansar Tomb was badly damaged by fire around 2007 and has also been graffitied.

Rawansar Tomb today

Today, outside the entranceway to the tomb a number of partially preserved carvings can be seen on the rock face of a type identified with the Achaemenid period. The figure of Ahura Mazda, a person and mass of firewood, appears on the right side of the entrance to this tomb. 

Getting to Rawansar Tomb

Located just off route 15 in the modern town of Ravansar, the easiest way to reach the tomb is by car. The drive is 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Eshaghvand Rock Tombs close to Kermanshah.

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