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Manx Museum

Douglas, Middle, Isle of Man

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24 Nov 2020

About Manx Museum

The Isle of Man has been inhabited since before 6500BC and the Manx Museum in the island’s capital of Douglas tells a fascinating, absorbing story of the first hunter-gatherers, through Viking, Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish and even Norwegian rule, the island’s amazing natural habitat and all the way up to the world-famous Tourist Trophy motorcycle races, better known as the Isle of Man TT.

The island itself is a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between the English mainland and Northern Ireland. HRH Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state (also holding the official title Lord of Mann), it measures 572 square km (roughly a third of the size of Hertfordshire) and has a population of around 85,000.

The Manx Museum in Douglas on the island’s eastern edge takes visitors on a fascinating interactive journey through ten millennia if Manx history. The national art collection includes work by John Miller Nicholson, Archibald Knox and Hugh Dachinger, an Austrian-Jewish artist who was interned on the island during WWII.

The Viking Gallery displays incredible hoards of gold and silver; you’ll hear the story of Tynwald, reported to be the world’s oldest continuous parliament (from 979) although there is some conjecture as to the actual date; discover the varied natural habitat; find out how the island turned from a Viking stronghold to a quaint Victorian holiday destination and see the bikes and hear the stories from the world-famous Isle of Man TT motorcycle race which has been held here since 1907.

To uncover the rich and vibrant history of the Isle of Man, the Manx Museum in Douglas is the place to go!

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